6 Fall-Winter 2017-2018 Fashion Ideas

Sunday, June 11, 2017

While on Youtube, I noticed that a French fashion designer that I am following put up a video about the latest haute couture runway fashions for fall and winter 2017-2018. She notes 6 main ideas, which you probably might already have in your wardrobe. I will add my fashion coordination tips to each new trend.

  • Monochromatic Red seems to be the biggest trend. But if you don’t want to wear that much red, then you can just use red as an accent, or the third color in an outfit, such as wear red accessories, lipstick, and nail polish. (I can wear all red if I am in the mood for it, but the snapshots in this video make it look like these models were in a blood bath. When I was a teenager, I liked wearing red with blue jeans, like a red sweater, blue jeans, and red shoes, or white shirt, red girl-tie, blue jeans, red narrow belt, and red shoes. I might also add a red hat or red hair accessories, and maybe some red jewelry).
  • Plaid can be worn as either an accent to a monochromatic neutral outfit to give a simple outfit a little color or wear a plaid clothing item with a solid item, like a plaid blouse, pants, socks, coat, cape, dress, jacket, or skirt. If you are one of these people that just refuse to wear anything plaid, then consider a plaid accessory instead, such as a purse, shoes, headband, belt, hat, scarf, or hair accessory. I think plaid is always popular during the winter season.
  • Deconstruction Design looks like layered cutouts of different clothing items. You can probably create your own version with old clothes that you might be sick of. Instead of donating your old clothes, “deconstruct” your old clothes to this fall and winter’s new style, which looks like street-wear. Or, maybe deconstruct the clothes you already have by wearing different items with different textures into one outfit with monochromatic color, such as an outfit with knitwear, lace, ruffles, and denim.
  • Fringes are the added detail for clothes and purses.  (I think I have fringe earrings or a purse with some fringe. I think that is enough fringes for me, anyway).
  • Feathers are another added detail for clothes, and she adds you can find fake feathers for your outfits if you don’t want to promote the slaughter of birds to make these feathered outfits. (I do have some feather earrings from the past, but I think that is enough feathers for me, and I can wear these earrings as an accent to an outfit).
  • A belt as a decorative statement piece. So, a wide belt is the key in order to add style to an otherwise simple outfit. (I usually like wearing a belt with a  simple outfit to modernize it and give it more personality and style as well as with loose dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, and hot pants to dress up otherwise casual outfits).


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