What is the movie Stand-In

Almost an every kid knows that the movies are made within complicated schemes and filmed with all kind of the effects.

But, there are the things that are made even before a filming is even started.

One of these things is fine tuning scene settings.

This is not possible to be done on a spot because it has to be done manually in order to make a spectacular photography and everything we as the viewers expect to see on the screen in the matter of the quality.

A movie Strand-In is not a double, or it is very rarely played by one.

A stand-in is a person who goes through the scenes before the actor does so that the production and direction team can define quality for the scenography, photography, motion of the camera, the lights.

The stand-ins do this job when actors are absent. They don’t need to look like an actor, but they have to have the same skin tone, hair color, height and build to make all the settings correctly.


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