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Has The Bell Rung?

Has the bell rung for you yet?  Just like the old movie, the bell needs to ring for each of us to find our wings. We all get to soar. Some of us fly higher and longer. Some of us are really good at gliding and staying aloft for long periods of time, catching the air currents. Some of us fly too high and our wings melt. For some of us I imagine that the bell rings more than once.

The real question is do we know when it is our time to fly? Do we realize that these are the moments that really count in our lives –  that this is what we were born to do?  Or is it only hindsight that allows us to see the shadow of our wings and realize that those moments are in our rear view?  Is it possible to get really good at the wing thing and call them up at will?

I occasionally get to hear the faint rustling of what I think are my wings. I get to feel that I am close to the potential that I am here to fulfill. Those are my “God Moments.”  What are yours?

©Cathy Donohoue Photography ©The Dyslexic Typist


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Written by Cathy Donohoue