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Achieving Beautiful Hair: How to Keep Hair in Top Condition

Today, Justin Bounds – Hair Professional/Founder of TheBarbr will bring to you some useful tips to keep your hair in top condition.

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Watching shampoo commercials, it is hard to believe anyone can have hair as fantastic as those gorgeous models. Film and photography tricks aside, even the person with average hair can make the best of it by following a few tips and using the right products. If hair is in very poor condition, it may take a few weeks, but the path to healthy hair is very clear.

Unless someone works in a very dirty, greasy or oily factory, daily shampooing of hair is a mistake. Even if a person is exposed to daily harsh pollutants, rinsing the substances out is all that is needed on a daily basis.

Hair Cleanliness in Moderation

Shampooing hair more often than two or three times per week will rob the hair follicles of enriching oils and moisture essential to shiny, healthy hair. Varying the types of shampoo every time it is purchased will help maintain the ph balance of the hair. If possible keep two open containers in the shower and alternate types for each shampoo, for best results.

Conditioner should also be varied from week to week if possible. Using products with different ph levels, so that sometimes the conditioner is more acidic and other times more alkaline, will enhance the vibrancy of your hair over time.

Overbrushing Hair is Damaging

In the past, it was thought that brushing hair for one hundred strokes per day was healthy. Frequent brushing does help to distribute the oils from the scalp more evenly along the shaft of each hair. However, too much brushing will damage the delicate ends of the hair more rapidly and will necessitate more frequent trimming.

Special Hair Treatments Once Per Month

Once in a while, using a hot oil treatment on your hair will add luster and shine. Some people like to use a milk rinse and others swear by egg yokes as a deep conditioner. None of these treatments will harm the hair and they can help address damaged and over-processed hair when used occasionally.

Hair and Diet

Much information can be gleaned from the condition of your hair. A doctor can sometimes diagnose illness from the appearance of the hair as well as dietary deficiencies. Keeping hair in good shape involves eating a good variety of fresh foods and drinking plenty of water every day to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Gelatin can enhance the condition of hair and nails so have a helping of Jello now and then.

In summary, the condition of your hair provides information about your overall health. Keeping your hair in good shape, pH balance and refraining from over processing with color and straightener products will keep hair looking healthy and vibrant. Careful, occasional brushing to avoid snarls is a prudent practice. Eat well and your hair will stay healthy and beautiful.


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