Inline Skate Clothes Which Every Skater Should Wear

An important consideration when you go inline skating is your choice of inline skate clothes. Above all, the skate clothes should be”cool”.

Of course, cool has a few different meanings. If you’re a speed inline skater, then you’re going to chose shirts, pants/shorts, vests, and socks with a fit, function, and fabric best for athletic sports, to keep you cool from sweat. Specialty sporting clothes, running gear, or bicycle-style clothes work well.

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If you’re an aggressive inline skater who loves the grind rails and trick skating, you’ll want to look “cool”. If you’re into the sport of roller hockey, then you’ll be more focused on your required gear, not the clothes.

Whatever your choice of inline skating, your clothing should also allow for air exchange for cooling your body, and of a material that breathes well and wicks away sweat.

Aggressive Inline Skater Clothes

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Aggressive inline skating is more than a sport for most people, it is also a lifestyle. Because of this, many of these skaters wear manufacturer name brand inline skate clothes, or similar fashions.

Inline skate clothes for this crowd are hip and cool and let people know that you are a “skater”.

Pants: Pants such as cargo style, jeans, or chino give you the freedom that you need when you are skating. They let you move, jump, and perform skating tricks with ease and comfort. Many skaters love to wear sweat pants; they can be worn down or when skating and jumping, pulled up for flexibility. Be careful though, if you must wear baggy pants, don’t overdo it. They will actually hinder your skating if they are too long and heavy.

Jackets: When it comes to jackets, the keyword for inline skate clothes is “hoodies”.Most skaters love hoodies and have a wide array of them. Styles from the 1980’shave also made a comeback with the skater crowd and you can often see windbreakers and Members Only jackets on the scene.

Hats, Visors, and Headbands: Wearing a hat, a skating logo-bearing visor, or headbands is another trademark of aggressive inline skate clothes. Since many skaters spend a lot of time outdoors, a good hat, visor, or headband is important. Keeping sweat out of your eyes when you are skating is very important so choose hats that have a breathable lining, and wick wetness away from the skin.

Save your Skin by Covering Up

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Choosing the right inline skate clothes is more than just a fashion statement, it is also important to wear clothes that won’t impede your skating performance. And for those inevitable falls, minimize road rash by covering your shoulders, upper back and upper arms in case of a slide.


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Written by Koshial Robinson