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Some Things New Members Might Want to Keep In Mind

Hello. Welcome to Virily. You just might be in for a good time here, as nice as these folks are. Even if you’re web-savvy, it might help to keep these things in mind:

1. Let your page load before trying actions like commenting, navigating the page or scrolling around. There’s a good amount of data to load and, depending on a lot of variables, the page-load might just take a second or thirty. Just breathe. Be as patient as you can.

2. There will be issues. Admin is human. Hiccups will happen and, even if you’re not seeing anything from admin about problems, they more than likely know about it and are on it, working up a feverish sweat in the saltmines of the offices, slaving over a hot lap-top like they do.

If you contact them, offer them some courtesy…unless you’re funny.

3. Other members are different than you, just as you are to them. There will always be plenty to disagree on (or to educate others on if you prefer). What’s going to make a huge difference is in how you present your disagreement.

We can all discuss even difficult topics without ending up hurtful to one another like some of the people on fakebook do.

And so you know, anger over many regrets is something I struggle with. I’m kind of intelligent and I’m fast. Push my buttons and you might get the kind of response nobody likes…such as anatomical jokes about your mom en masse. I’ll try to not respond that way but, push hard enough and you just never know…unless you’re funny.

4. Ignore some things. Not everything is something which speaks to you and you are not necessarily the target audience of any one post – unless you’re name is in the title ( which I think would be kind of cool) so, don’t take things personal…unless you’re funny.

5. Those little avatars might not be real but the Humans they represent are and they have these odd neuroelectrochemical processes going on within their corporeal state of existence known as “feelings.” It is simply unnecessary to crush them…unless you’re funny.

6. Virily should be fun. So, if you ever feel you’re not “keeping up” with comments or if you ever feel stressed over performance or typos or something someone says, just get up out of that chair and go for a walk or do some other exercises or play with a kitten or go make a baby laugh somewhere or…or…something.

Heck, forget this site altogether if you must, at least for a bit. If this isn’t fun or if you find yourself getting upset over something, you might be doing this wrong.

Anyway, glad you came along and I hope some older members here might have additional tips and suggestions in the comments.


What do you think?


Written by DonaldPennington

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