Why A Title is More Painful than Stepping on a Lego.

So yo have written your niche relevant content but what title would work for you? Suddenly you are facing a dilemma, what title to use? If it’s not catchy, lets face it, it simply won’t get read, it’s that simple. Unless you spend at east as long as it took to find a subject to write about, your effort will not be able to compete with thousands of other similar niche topics, flooding the internet by the minute, so what do you do?  Measured against the backdrop of  the rapidly growing competition, shouldn’t you seriously think again, will it attract an audience or won’t it? Enter,  a special tool to give you an edge, it’s called Portent title generator. All you need to enter into the tool, is your niche topic and you’ll get a sample article title, complete with helpful and witty breakdowns of why the title might make for a good read. Refresh as many times as you’d like for new ideas. Go ahead, give  it a try, you’ll love it

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