The Money Is In The List

Hello, it’s incredible how article publishing websites seem to lack longevity, was around for about 10 years then they ground to a halt and since then several sites have shot up into space, only to crash and burn, 2 to 3 years later. MyLot is one site that seem to have gotten the sustainability recipe down to an art. I had hoped that this brave site, had what it took but, just 5 years down the line it too has basically stopped.  

Because of this phenomenon, I have had to rekindle my various blogsites and get into online marketing in earnest again. If there is someone that wants to try online product marketing or even email marketing but don’t know how to start, I would like share my tried and proven system with them. The easiest way to grow your email list in the shortest amount of time possible is to focus on implementing email marketing strategies that actually work.

The most effective method is to simply implement strategies that have already been tested and proven. Start with the basics and the 4 C’s of email marketing: 


 You will need to learn techniques for increasing the level of rapport you have with your email subscribers in a way that will help you start to become a genuine authority in your chosen niche. You will need to learn the best methods and techniques for driving targeted traffic to your website and how to convert those visitors into subscribers of your email list. 


You will need to learn how to write emails that will help you to establish trust with your readers and increase the level of engagement that you have with your subscribers. 


You will need to learn the best way to use the trust you have earned and the authority you have built with your subscribers to transform your engaged readers into loyal customers. 


 Together we will experiment with the science of list building and test out the best methods for generating new leads, maximizing email opt-ins, and building landing pages that convert. 


Together we will explore the art of email marketing and discover new and imaginative ways to increase email open rates, and decrease unsubscribe rates. 


 Get your mail readers to subscribe to a free newsletter mailing list that helps you grow your email list fast. A newsletter provides you with everything you will need to boost your subscriber numbers. Learn what works and what doesn’t work by Googling mailing list strategies and tips. 

 Make membership of your newsletter, 100% FREE to join. and always include a call to action, like Sign up today!

Google has one of the easiest FREE websites available online: Site 123, and because it’s their own product, so if it’s used in accordance with their rules around the site, they seem to subtly nudge your S.E.O. efforts in the right direction


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