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In the past, I often got upset that there are so many wonderful things, books that I just can’t read physically all of them. Now I’m in a panic that I won’t be able to view a tiny bit of what’s on the internet. It’s nice to read blogs and find such as a few lines from a new wonderful book that I might never have noticed in a book store, any interesting person’s thought, noticed by another interesting person. And it all gives as much joy as tangible things. These are amazing photos, pictures, texts, good movies’ reviews,  and it’s all is presented by the internet.

I also love checking some blogs  – a unique space that can be managed by its author, free to write his own thoughts, publish photos, and receive comments from internet users. The Internet is a great addition to our lives, but not a substitute for it.

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  1. I have a set of blogs on Google Blogger, but they are repositories for my stories and articles on various subjects, the number of entries being more than 2000 and total views now exceeding 3 million. So yes – I do maintain blogs, but I don’t “blog” in the usually accepted meaning of that word.

  2. I have a few blogs that I update as I need to. I use my Rachael’sEnglishclasses as a place to put lesson plans for my students. So this way they can view what they are going to learn and better prepare for class.

  3. I have two blogs. One is a spiritual blog where I write about Reiki, dreams and past life therapies. My other blog is where I share my writing poetry, flash fiction, short stories, and reviews.