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"God´s gonna cut you down" Marilyn Manson vs Johnny Cash

If in my last Virily post I was talking about a great Marilyn Manson song in which official music video Johnny Depp appears, now I am talking about an even greater music video, the last one Marilyn Manson has produced.

This is not an original Marilyn Manson song. On the contrary, it is an American classic folk song that was first recorded in the year 1946. It has been covered plenty of times, relevant artists such as Tom Jones or Elvis Presley recorded it with the title “Run On”.

One of the last artists who covered this song with the original title: “God´s gonna cut you down” was Johnny Cash. But the music video Marilyn Manson has produced is pure gold. Watch it now.

Be careful Virily friend with all you do because “God´s gonna cut you down”.


The version of Johnny Cash was so popular that people thought he was the original author. After the passing of Johnny Cash, a music video was made with many celebrities to pay homage to Johnny Cash. You can watch this music video now.

JOHNNY CASH GOD´S GONNA CUT YOU DOWN version do you prefer??? The music video of Marilyn Manson is really powerful in my opinion.


What do you think?

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    • No, it is not true, you can say: “the most popular” songs that people who do not like his music enjoy and know, but the truth is Marilyn Manson has produced an incredible amount of good songs but many people cannot understand his records. Cannot accept his greatness. Thanks a lot for your comment. Marilyn Manson is the author of many great songs. Another popular version he did was “Personal Jesus”

      • music is the universal language of humanity. It is an expression of the possible! But also of the impossible.

        his stuff has evolved over the years. That is the best part of any artist, is watching their evolution!

        • Yes, I am listening to different versions of this song in Spotify (Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Tom Jones) and I strongly believe Marilyn Manson has done a great job. The lyrics of the song are very interesting, I have learned new expressions like “back bitter” but the meaning of “rambler” is very open. I have found different meanings. What do you think the song means by an “rambler”???

          • rambler as you said has many meanings. My gut is that in this case (this is my opinion) it refers more to the traditional person that cannot stay in one place long.

        • Thanks a lot. Very interesting. As the song was written in 1946 perhaps the language of the lyrics is old fashioned. Another meaning of Rambler that I have found is: “A person who destroys the gardens, flowers and crops of other people” and also “A person who talks continuously in a crappy way”


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