Love ItLove It

An acronym poem that summarises my personality in a nutshell.

T is for Tasteful, odes of style

H is for Humble, there are no airs about you

E is for Enchanting, such scintillating company

O is for Obliging, accommodating towards people

F is for Fantastic, just superb

F is for Funny, joy and laughter follow you

I is for Interesting, fascinating to talk to

C is for Coherent, clarity of mind

I is for Incredible, you raise the bar for greatness

A is for Ambitious, your drive is inspiring

L is for Light-hearted, free from worries

A is for Active, full of energy

N is for Noble, self-sacrificing

D is for Decent, a heart of gold

R is for Remarkable, so exceptional

E is for Essential, a friend of great importance

W is for Wacky, a unique personality


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Written by TheOfficialAndrew