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Chapter 1: When we appear

My name is Mai Anh Mai and in the words of the apricot signifies the hope and riches my parents have given me a beautiful name so excited with the desire to grow up I will be beautiful and have a happy life. Generally great magnates. But it seems that the wishes that deviate to the children of any home then I do not know anymore. Because I grew up not only does not have a pretty face but also owns a honey skin that any man admire. Since childhood I was teased by the boys in the black as the coal and the girls away from me because of my countryside and ugly standing next to them only affect their aura, only There are no neighbors in my neighborhood.

His name is Hoa, a good friend from childhood with us. We play together so my being teased and isolated by my classmates does not affect our durable relationship.In addition to studying, I take the time to learn karatedo. The purpose of this martial arts course I have a lot of but the main point is to protect the body as well as to protect the surrounding people from danger. My boring life went on for 10 years until I started my university life. Me and Hoa are different from the school but stay in the same room so it is very convenient that Hoa is very good at housework and I, in addition to learning martial arts, I just know how to work like men replacing bulbs or repairing electricity. My hand is ok. Not letting his youthful life fly so tastelessly, I found myself part time job with the desire to try new environment and earn some money for my sister. Let’s go hang out with each other, I’m sitting here thinking I’m not bad at all. But still sad that this is how many years of my youth but still have no piece of love to play with dear people hu hu hu … (crying in the heart), while the United Since the middle school year, the boys have confessed their lives but are rejected by her,I think this problem that the transfer was when he transferred me a dozen sons died. That evening after school, I caught sight of him refusing a son that I looked at him, but sadly his heart was turned to heart by heart. When I came back to my room, I asked:-Hey, I’ve been asking so many times since I’ve seen so many confessioners with you, why do not you agree to mess around with a guy that’s in love, as well as I do not want to be, but it’s one of those things that makes me sad Intestines.

Not that I’m arrogant, but because the confessors to me just like my looks, really do not like me as well as I wait when you have a boyfriend then I’m looking for a boyfriend is not late- I reply if I do not have a boyfriend do you also define me?-It says do not always think that is of course I did not have to say I’m going to be with you until someone takes you away otherwise I’ll be at that price with you- Me: Oh, you’re my good friend,➨And then the two laughed aloud from the room.Until one sunny day, the sun was shining, I came to the airport to see my grandfather abroad. I met him in my head as if to say, “Oh man, Must also be about 1.85,The perfect body of the goddess face is like the mahogany style of the Korean dress style is cool in the spirit of my son here (oi mother this life is seen him as living without fault Then). But it seems that not only have I ever seen you where before, I must have a dozen people around me holding the phone to take pictures even from the second floor but still crying,”Oh mam” in the past I knew that he and I sure do not have a fate where people like him do not have a new lover is strange, try to charge only calories, This may also be salvaged enjoy a peaceful life. When I was done, I went back, but he was teasing me when it was raining, it was sad, but the taxi was also harder than I thought for a moment, I also chucked his tongue taxi a taxi.-Driver: hì nei dear you mentioned a bit because of the rain, so the number of visitors to the car is still too redundant so I can sit with one or two more guests.- me: the note is ….

-Uncle driver: ý Note that you can give room for two more guests to sit together because of rain, so many guests can give you a little more capital (laughing shy)-I: No matter what, you keep adding people depending on as long as you still take him to the pedestal and calculate the friendship price for him is ok.-Driver: Thank you so much. The car just rolled a short time, the car stopped to catch guests, when the guest in the car I stood in the shape of a letter o mouth can not utter words because the person in front of him is a god god (inside My heart is now like gong knock on the ancestors for the children of this virtue).He sat in the car wet-Chief driver: look down to see he is flaking his hair dry, water splashing to me said, carefully scaled from a wet two people now (smiled)-Anh: Turn to look at me with shy eyes and apologize to me with a huff-I: limp limp stamping do not know what to do mouth constantly say okay, okay, then we both shy embarrassed. I looked at him wet and did not do anything I close my eyes closed and gave him his towel and said: he can use my towel to wipe his face and hair “,In the beginning there was a lot of thought, such as, “he would not accept, or he would not accept, or he would be badly dressed, or he would think he was a metaphor for a shawl …” but Then he replied: take my handkerchief and thank me. Oh my gosh, he’s using my handkerchief, That’s me (in the head like fireworks always). I looked at him wipe his hair to stop or flirt me down to the car that soul is still ecstatic to him (oh oh who is so beautiful that he does not know his name is beautiful like he does not ask him to try ),(Eyes wide open) I waited for him to forget he did not ask his name and even not have a picture with him always (crying in the heart). After finishing the afternoon classes,The resonance of the analogy in the afternoon still I stumbled out to the school gate to see the crowd fell back I curious, so also ran into the crowded I just discovered that he, see me he was happy Waving goodbye to the cry: “girl”


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Written by Ngoc Tran


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