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The Mushroom Fairy House

In a Dark Forest, on the end of the world, lived a family of fairies. They weren’t like other fairies. I mean, they had tiny, translucent wings and fairy dust, but their color was odd. Well, it would be odd if they had any color at all. Due to thick, dark forest, those fairies looked more like shadows of fairies. They were dim and grayish, even their fairy dust was with no shine and sparkles. And they were no happy at all….

The family lived in an old gray mushroom, under the gray tree. All fairy children were born in the forest, but their parents came there from the Sunny Meadows, running form an evil wizard who enslaved their tribes. So, they were the only fairies in the family who remembered light and colors and they often told stories about that to their children. Little fairies liked those stories even they couldn’t imagine any of those phenomena.

One day, the youngest fairy noticed that one of her front teeth is moving strangely. In fact, teeth shouldn’t move at all! She burst into tears and ran to her mom. Mother fairy calmed her down pulled out a tooth and told that she could write a letter to a Tooth Fairy, to make a wish in exchange for her tooth. The girl did so.

Next morning, a strange feeling stung their eyes. Little fairies were afraid but their parents were delighted. Fairies looked at each other- something were different! They all were different! And the house was different, too! “My dearest ones, that is the light!”- shouted their mom. Her face was covered with tears of joy, and she was yellow! Father fairy was green and all the kids were in different colors. The youngest girl was turquoise.

“My wish came true!”- she shouted joyfully. “I wished light from Tooth Fairy and she made it to me!” The fairy family searched around and saw that gray flowers of the gray tree, turned into small, colorful lights. And gray tree and gray mushroom were colorful, too. Fairies were so happy and grateful that decided to name those lights- “fairy lights”. That name stuck till today….

This is only a nursery room lamp/fairy dollhouse I’ve made, but children deserve to hear better story about it, don’t they? 😉

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