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What do you think about handmade gifts?

Do you make such gifts for your friends? Do you like receiving them?

Some people think that a handmade gift shows the person for whom the gift is that you invested some of your free time and efforts thinking about them while making the present.

Others think that if you are not very handy, after a certain age you are not supposed to make such gifts.

Some might even think that this is just a cheaper way to prepare a gift for someone, especially if you give it on a special occasion and it’s made with easily available materials.

Iā€™m curious about your opinion. šŸ™‚

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    Do you like making handmade gifts?

    • Yes, I love it!
    • No, they are a waste of time.
    • I’m not crafty.
  • Question of

    Do you like receiving handmade gifts?

    • Yes, I love them!
    • No, buy me a real gift.
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    What do you think about handmade gifts?

    • They are special and unique.
    • I don’t mind them.
    • They are a waste of time.
    • They are okay only if you are a crafty person or a child.
    • They are a way to save some money.
    • Other (tell me in the comments)


What do you think?

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  1. A friend of mine made me a blanket, and wall message that say,”Live, laugh, and love.” She is such a creative person. I treasure everything she has ever made me.

  2. A labor of love…that is what I thought about handmade gifts. I especially appreciate if the giver spent time in wrapping the gift and it does not matter whatever I find inside. Lol!