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DIY Project in the Waikato-

Felicity is my elder sister and lives with her husband John in Rangiriri near Te kauwhata, about an hour’s drive south of Auckland. They brought a life style block of house, some farm land and some New Zealand bush some time ago.

They have some Wiltshire sheep about 3 Ewes and 3 Hens that go freely around their property and 3 dogs. 

When they first came, it was a new home but had a drive way in but on one side their land went down a hill and then there was a fence down hill. Now on that one side they changed it into a sculptured garden with fruit trees and vegetables in terraced plots, a garden of New Zealand varieties and a series of pools and bridges. John is a Science teacher but he is very skilled in building homes. 

Both of them, are good at getting material that is not as expensive as many places for this building project. 

There is something you cant buy here and that is the skill to create this beautiful garden 

Path across the bridge

Most of these stones were purchased from Trade Me in New Zealand for a very good price. 

Black & White Pathways

Gives you an idea

Dwarf Kowhai

One of the many New Zealand natives that attract New Zealand birds

Path leading on to the bridge

Over the fence at the back is the neighbours farm.


Often showing this is a work in progress.

Pool in detail

The water begins from up the hill and flows down to more pools and under the bridge

New Zealand Native plants.

Reflections in the pool

John and Felicity have both worked very hard to do that for quite a few years there are many  pools and paths.

Pool, Pathways and Bridge

There are more than one bridge, in fact 2 of them.

Circular Paveing.

John did this himself as he did everything else with brick and concrete.

Reflections in the Pool and hint of orange

Can you see some orange in the pool? That is a large Carp. A Carp is a large Goldfish and there are several, these were pulled out of the Waikato river by Denis my brother and John. They are very large fish

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