Free Concert of Belgrade Philharmonic

Robin Biznis June 22, 2018 Belgrade. Serbia

Such concerts begin to be a tradition.

Everything started last year when the Belgrade Philharmonic under the open sky made a free concert for citizens of Belgrade.

On the voting on line , citizens made a list of musicians who listened.

At the time, in 2017, the following tracks were performed:

  1.  Arturo Márquez   Danson no. 2 634.865 number vote
  2. D. Šostakovič: Waltz (Džez svita No. 2) 594.2693.
  3. K. Sen-Sans: Danse macabre 446.6364.
  4. S. Hristić: Grlica (Ohridska legenda) 423.3385.
  5. Đ. Rosini: William Tel, Uvertir (Final) 420.7376.
  6. A. Hatchaturjan: Game Saber 417.6397.
  7. M. Ravel: Bolero 416.1058.
  8. R. Wagner: Kas Valkira (Valkyre) 406.8019.
  9. P. I. Tchaikovsky: Waltz flowers (Krcko Orascic) 375.23510.
  10. E. Grig: In the cave of the mountain king (Per Gint) 366.89311.
  11. Ž. Bases: Carmen, Overture 316.468
  12.  Williams: Imperial Marsh (Star Wars) 303.793
  13. E. Grig: Morning (Per Gint) 220.38914.
  14. Đ. Rosini: Seville Barberin, Overture 219,85415.
  15. J. Strauss: On the beautiful blue Danube 163.10316.
  16. L. Bernstein: Mambo (Story from the West Side) 30.89017.
  17. A. Hatchaturjan: Walcer (Maskarade) 11.85318.
  18. VA Mozart: Figaro marriage, Overture 10.97119.
  19. There Far (traditional) 6.28720.
  20. J. Brams: Hungary play no. 5 5.99521.
  21. A. Dvoržak: Slovenska igra op. 46 br. 8 3.02522.
  22. P. Konjovic: Great Pony Game 2.86123.
  23. M. I. Glinka: Ruslan and Ljudmila, uvertire 2.45224.
  24. K. Sen-Sans:Swan1.946
  25. J. Sibelijus: Valse triste 1.254

This year on Sunday June 24.2018 in Belgrade, the Belgrade Philharmonic will hold its second big open-air concert with an exclusive newspaper – the project “HD Odyssey”The Philharmonic will now hold a concert titled “Picnic Under the Stars”. Here’s what organizers of a great concert of classical music say:

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At your second outdoor concert, the Philharmonic Orchestra leads you, not less or more than into space. We invite audiences from all over Serbia to a music picnic under the stars and really look into the stars. Under the open sky, and across huge screens, we will see incredible scenes from the universe that NASA worked with, with the advent of our orchestra to play classical music.

This was how the last year’s concert looked like a drone that impressed the citizens of Belgrade.

First of all, as we learn, with the snapshots of the Earth, the orchestra performs Strauss’ epic music “That’s what Zaratustra said” (from the film 2001: Odyssey in the Universe), as well as the composition of John Adams, “A Short Drive in a Fast Machine”. Then, the audience moves to Space, recorded as they were told, “the latest optical instruments NASA”, alongside Dvorak’s popular “Symphony from the New World”.

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“Earth” and “Space” are actually part of the innovative film series “HD Odyssey”, which was premiered by the Houston Symphony Orchestra and is a hit in the music world. The Serbian audience will be the first in Europe to see “Space”, and the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra is the first orchestra in the world to perform this audio-visual spectacle outdoors.

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