4th of July Celebration Photos (Part 1)

I have some photos from the 4th of July that I’d like to share with you all.  For now, I will share 10 of them since that is all I have edited so far. 

These are from the parade, and then one photo I captured of Eli after the parade. 

It was a fun parade minus the greedy adults that kept getting in the way of kids getting candy.  If you have a parade where you live, does that happen there?   Eli still got quite a bit, but I felt bad that it wasn’t even the kids being the greedy ones.  

Anyways, hope you all enjoy the photos!  Part 2 will come soon 🙂

Eli Stylin’

He looked so handsome in his 4th of July hat and shirt.  He has glasses too, but not sure where they are.  

Police Car

The parade starts with all the police vehicles....I thought this one was cool (it's not the kind of car they usually drive).  

Sherriff’s Rescue

This thing is huge!  Never seen one of these before.  Have you?

Grand Marshal

This was the grand marshal of the parade's vehicle.   It's a beautiful classic car....very well kept up.

Horses # 1

There are always horses in the parade....I got a few photos of them. 

Horses # 2

This horse is so pretty....they all look nice, but I like the white horses.  

Gorgeous Car!!

This one is probably my favorite car in the parade...there are a lot of pretty red ones....but this one is amazing.  


I think this is a corvette, correct me if I am wrong.  Anyway, it's a beautiful red classic car!

More Modern Corvette (I think)

I think this is a corvette as well, but as usual I could be wrong on that!  

Awesome red car!

Not sure on the model of this car.   

I edited the photo so the car popped off the page more....just wanted to add something fun to the collection of photos. 

Which of the first 10 photos was your favorite? 

I'll get to editing on the second round of photos so I can post them soon 🙂 Thanks for checking out my work!

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    • I tried to look it up, but couldn’t find an answer for sure….it might be an el camino though! I think I have another shot of this kind of car from a car show and maybe in that one I have the name on that one! Thank you 🙂

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