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2019 Car Show Photos # 2

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well! 

I am back to share some car show photographs with you all. Most of them are classic cars.  Some cars in the show are more modern versions….but for the most part they are classics.  

I hope you all enjoy them!

1939 Red Chevy Coupe

This is a beautiful red Coupe from 1939.  I think it is an amazing car.  What do you think? 

Black Studebaker

I am not sure of the year, but this is a beautiful black Studebaker.

Lovely Black Car

This is a Chevy -- maybe Bel Air?  Anyways, I think it is so pretty.

Amazing Red Car

Not sure what this car is, but I think it is an amazing one!

Pretty Baby Blue Car

I wish I knew the name of this one, because it is so pretty.  Such a pretty color too.  

What do you think? 

Red Beauty

This is a pretty red car too....but again, not sure what it is.  The name is on the tip of my tongue, but I can't think of it!  If you know, let me know 🙂 

Another Amazing Red Classic Car!

I should know the name of this one too...but I just can't think of it right now. 

Love This Color

I love the color on this car...such a unique one -- Car and color!

So Pretty!

That is all I can say about this one!  Do you agree? 

Unique Beauty!

I really have no ideas on this one...but I thought it was unique....the shape of the car, and the color (again). 

Which of these 10 cars is your favorite? If you know any of the names, I would love to know  🙂 

What do you think?

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