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4th of July Celebration Photos ( Part 2)

I have edited some more of the photos I took of the 4th of July celebration. 

These photos are from the parade as well…..I could have taken more, except people started getting in the way and it got more difficult as the parade went on.  

The first photo is of a pretty blue car (corvette?).  I love classic cars/sports cars.   What kind of car is your favorite?

The next photo is a classic truck holding a bunch of American Flags.  There is another one that carries other flags, but I didn’t photograph that one this year.  If I can find it from years past I can share it another post.

Next is another sports car that I edited in a sepia tone.  Thought I would edit it just to add a little something different to the photo collection.

Following that photo is another beautiful car in blue.  Not sure the model of this one (another corvette?).   I enjoyed seeing it, hopefully you do too!

Next in this collection is a lovely red car!  It’s very similar to the others in the post….but even better in red (even though blue is a beautiful color). 

Now we have a photo of a very classic looking car.  I couldn’t begin to tell you what this car is….but I thought it looked cool.  What do you think?

After the classic car, I  saw a pink tractor.  If you followed me on sites from the past you may have seen me share this tractor before.  It’s always in the parade.  I thought I would edit the background in black and white to make the pink pop. 

Next up is one of the floats from the parade.  You’d think since it is a parade there would be a lot more floats…but this year the floats were kind of lacking.  There were a few that I didn’t photograph, but there still were a lot less than years in the past.

Near the end there were a few more cars….one was this white sports car in the parade for a dentist’s office.  They threw out tooth brushes for the kids rather than candy!

And to finish off the parade photos….two more horse photos.  Hope you enjoy!  I will have one more post from the other celebration events…

What do you think?

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  1. what a great collection of photography…and I love the effects used on some of them. Have you ever thought of ‘letter boxing’ your photos? i.e. cropping the foreground road and some of the sky, thus bringing the subject of the photo ‘forward’. Just an idea 🙂

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