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What did I do to the Easy Photo Quiz?

How was the quiz made? For those who might of missed the quiz, you can find it here.

Photo Quiz – Easy

Okay, without further ado..

1. The first one was for this original of a bee and it was washing it’s face.

2. I asked how many  dogs were in this one. I have circled the two dogs.

3. I asked how many bees were in this one. There were four.

4. Was a surf dog contest and was an original photo.

5. Was a Doberman’s shadow.

6. Was an ant with a fuzzy back.

7 and 8. I changed the license plate from Toxic to XOXOO.

9. Was a reflection of trees, a house and my camera.

10. Was an original and it was a frog.

11. The last one was a bug, circled below.


What do you think?

Written by Kim_Johnson


  1. I saw the ant, but it seemed to be in the center and I didn’t see any bug on the top, so I said there was no bug. I couldn’t see the bug in the other photo even here. I thought I’d seen a dragonfly on the other side of the stick.

    • It is an aphid, and blurry. It’s easy to miss. The ant was hard to see in real life, if it hadnt been moving I would of missed it. They are super fast.