A peek behind the What is it Quiz….

A few days ago I made a photo quiz. You can find it here.

What is it Quiz!

Now, here are the photos I used….

1. Was a cropped version of this sunset. Clouds was the correct answer..

2.  The correct answer was housefly, seen below.

3. Was an original of these naval oranges.

4. I had no idea what these berry things were..Or what the tree was, but they looked like apples. The answer was none of the above.

5. Was a silhouette of Meika, my wolf hybrid.

6.  A Dell laptop computer was circled.

7. The old Bible was circled, same picture as above.

8. Was not cheese.

9. I asked how many green leaves were there. There were 6.

10 and 11. I changed some things in number 10’s photo. I took out two things, and added two.

12 and 13. I added 6 Tsu stickers.

14. Was a snake.

15. There were 6 bees.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the originals and answers, thanks for playing along!

Have a great day!


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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