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Two challenges together

Here I will combine two challenges. What I had for lunch and How did your day go. For lunch we had Roasted Lamb, fresh salad, spinach rice, cozonac and biscuits. My day was great. In the morning he went through cooking. At lunchtime, my great son’s family arrived. We had a good time. In laughter and tears.

What I had for lunch – ChallengeAn interesting challenge is invented by an alib. Everyone in the site will know who ate. Whether we eat healthy. Hahaha.Conditions for participationThe rules are simple:1) Post photos or something else for FOOD! (What did you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea or dinner break or your favorite café, restaurant … etc)2) Use #whatisfor3) Have fun!

How did your day pass today? – ChallengeSome of us have quiet days. Others have problems. I have some work done. Others are pensioners. Others are unemployed. But we are all human creatures. We all have good and bad days. Fall and stabilization. If we share, perhaps it will be easier for us to pass the days. Somebody will give advice, because most of us have a very long experience of accumulated life experience. Some others will support you morally with a gentle word. And so you will fall asleep because you will know that you have friends in the world who are with you. You do not have to write every day. Just when you feel you want to do it. There are no rules and requirements.Use the Challenge categoryAnd so that if they want other people to read it and review place it #mythical.

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  1. Very nice. We eat lamb in New Zealand, usually had it as Sunday roast, but now it has become extremely expensive.
    We had it with roast potato, roast kumara (sweet potato),pumpkin and minted peas (mint from our garden).
    And gravy .
    Now its becoming exclusively for the rich.

      • 10 Euros is worth $16.71 New Zealand .
        The price of lamb is about $8.71 per kilo New Zealand.
        However, when you buy lamb say a lamb leg its often priced at $20.00 per lamb leg which is going by the weight of the lamb.
        A whole leg of leg in New Zealand, even in the cheapest place is about $50.00 . Most roast lamb is a lot smaller as many cant afford $50.00 for a leg of lamb.
        The best solution is to go out to the forest with a shot gun and shoot a deer for venison. You have to be able to use a gun and have a license to have one, plus it may take you several days before you get a deer. May have to shoot a wild goat instead.
        My brother goes into the forest and gets them.
        Im not fond of killing animals.
        My Dad and brother used to go into the forest and kill animals like deer, goat, wild pig or goats for dinner when we were children.
        My Dads passed away. Denis my brother often catches fish as well and gives that away
        Survival . We were never rich. .

  2. You must have a great time!!

    ANd OMG!!!
    Biscuit Snow Balls Candy makes me drool …
    you mind delivering some to me?? hehe