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What I had for lunch – Challenge

Pea with pork chops fillet. Accompanied by a salad of steamed vegetables. I allocate meals for lunch and dinner. Sometimes I ate and I lost 7 pounds. The simple rule is not mixing many foods. The amount I eat at lunch in half is left for dinner.

Here’s some information

90 Day Diet – Who’s for:

For people who want to normalize their blood pressure.

For people who want to change the metabolism in their bodies in a positive way.

For people who exercise and need more energy without taking medication.

For people who want to lose weight permanently and do not affect their health.

For people who do not want to starve and want to eat a normal amount of food.

What’s the secret of the 90-day diet:

The 90-day diet is based on the principle of segregated nutrition. During compliance, you will be able to consume all the nutrients needed by the body, namely meat, pasta, sweet and dairy products, fruits and vegetables and other carbohydrate fats.

In fact, you can eat everything, only you have to follow a certain schedule and rules for their consumption.

Duration is not accidental and not exemplary: it’s exactly 90 days (not three months).

When you go through the 90-day cycle, you can repeat the diet, but after a rest, which is 90 days.


An interesting challenge is invented by an alib. Everyone in the site will know who ate. Whether we eat healthy. Hahaha.

The rules are simple:

1) Post photos or something else for FOOD! (What did you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea or dinner break or your favorite café, restaurant … etc)

2) Use #whatisfor

3) Have fun!

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