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How did your day pass today? – Challenge

Some of us have quiet days. Others have problems. I have some work done. Others are pensioners. Others are unemployed. But we are all human creatures. We all have good and bad days. Fall and stabilization. If we share, perhaps it will be easier for us to pass the days. Somebody will give advice, because most of us have a very long experience of accumulated life experience. Some others will support you morally with a gentle word. And so you will fall asleep because you will know that you have friends in the world who are with you. You do not have to write every day. Just when you feel you want to do it. There are no rules and requirements.

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In a distant aspect

My day from a healthy point of view is not very stable. I just have dizzy. But that can not refuse me to prepare for tomorrow's day. I will have guests for Easter. The family of my great son will come to celebrate. Today is a dyeing day for eggs. And I did. My little grandchildren will enjoy the colored eggs. Later, I will also make biscuits with cocoa and coconut. I will share them tomorrow with you along with all the prepared meals. So you will understand how we Bulgarians celebrate Easter.

HAPPY EASTER to everyone who is celebrating this week.

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  1. Your post is as beautiful as your eggs. Please take your own advice and rest as much as you can so you can fully enjoy your family Easter celebration tomorrow. Nothing is more important in this life and the next than the victory of Jesus when he rose from the death. He will strengthen you to enjoy the next most important thing — your family as you celebrate his resurrection. Happy Easter.