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The photographers, “Special Glasses” by Lacho Challenge

Lacho has a great idea for a challenge and here is the link for this challenge.

I thought I would show to you how spring looks right now in San Diego County, California and some flower photos. I love taking photos of nature! Here are some.

#1 All the color..

Stuff is getting colorful.. Our pretty landscape of some hills near by. 

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#2 Is it a tiny apple? Or a very large PENNY?

No, but a berry from a tree, that looks just like tiny apples. I put it on a penny to show the size. 

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#3 Red/Orange Lantana

I love Lantana and all the colors it comes in. 

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#4 Lavender Lantana with the orange in the back round.

This one could of been lightened a little. This is straight out of the camera, no edit. 

  1. I like small adjustments to increase contrast. I do not know why, but I can never get a good picture of Lantana. I’ll try with the new camera.

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#5 Depth of Field

I put the camera on macro setting, this made the back round look out of focus. 

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#6 Sunny flowers

Pointing straight at the sun caused these sun flares. 

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#7 Soft colors and focus

I love the orange to pink on these flowers. I hope you enjoyed these snaps and thank you Elenka "Lacho" for the challenge. 

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