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Testing the waters… Is it safe to come out and play?

Hello all! 

I thought I would try to post an article. I just hope it doesn’t get bombarded… We shall see. 

I just wanted to share a few pictures for Nature Tuesday and, “What’s blooming in my yard”! 

The cover photo is of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier I groomed last week at home. She was only 15 inches tall, and about that wide! 

#1 Now for the flowers…

My son just brought this home to me. A Fuchsia for my fence! I am going to plant it in a hanging basket and train it to go up the fence. It will create shade for my patio in the summer. 

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#2 The hoya is dripping sugar!

It has so many blooms on it. 

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#3 The blues are taking over the yard. Yay!

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#4 I love this pale blue!

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#5 Oh Carol…..

The first tiny flowers are opening on one bud so far. It is loaded with buds. Yours will soon follow. Get ready. 

This is a Black Knight Butterfly Bush. 

#6 I love this flower!

#7 Succulents.. I don’t know if this one blooms or not. It was a volunteer. I love its shape and pattern though.

It doesn't even need to bloom. I just love it. 

#8 Sometimes the blooms on succulents are not very bright.

This is in a pale greenish yellow. So tiny too! This is a macro. 

I hope you enjoyed the tiny tour for Nature Tuesday in my yard. 


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  1. Lovely photos, Kim! My favourite is the hoya. I started commenting under the photo but the page hung and I had to reload. I had forgotten that problem. Some people find the scent a bit weird, but I adore it ๐Ÿ™‚

    So far, so safe…


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