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#TBT is today! This is one challenge we haven't done here on Virily. The throw back Thursday.

And I thought it was time. This is one tag that will get you more external views that you can share in other platforms. 

Throw back Thursday is fun. You can share old pictures of when you were a kid, to the vacation you took last year, to the walk you took last week. 

Even the 2 year birthday of a loved pet. Like Luna here. 

Two years ago, I brought home a Doberman/Australian Shepherd. This is one of our first hikes, and first walks down by the pier. She is four months old in these pictures and I had had her for two months at this point. 

I had lost my 20 year old aussie a year before, and wanted something with the Aussie traits. I didnt want to buy one from a breeder, I like rescues more. I have owned both.

I checked with the Australian Cattle Dog and the Australian Shepherd rescues but there was nothing available. Then my daughter in law sends me a picture of Luna that was on Craigslist. I had to go see her, not to get her mind you. We drove an hour away and out came this little blue eyed doll. I took her home. 

What a great two years it’s been with her. 

#2 She looks a lot like a doberman, just half the size!

And Doberman's don't get an awesome white tulip on their chest. 

    • Thanks Pam. You know the funny thing is, is that you arent the only one to say this. Breeding is like taboo here, its best to rescue. So, we go for walks a lot together, my son and daughter in laws dogs, which is this lovely doberman and this husky mixed with great dane is her other dog. He is male, fixed, and Lily is female and also fixed, but strangers on the sidewalks will say things like you should be ashamed breeding those two together to get her. We try to say they are in no way related, this is usually met with an eye roll and muttering under their breath as they walk away. So, you are not the only one thats said this.


#10 After a long day of hiking…

I cuddle up with my cat to go to sleep. 

I hope you liked this walk back in time. 

Do you have any throw back Thursday ideas? 


What do you think?

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    • Thank you Halcombe. Her blue eye looks like the moon if you look closely, and Luna just sounds so much nicer than plain ole Moon. Dobermans used to have a bad rep in the 70′ and 80’s. They would go crazy and turn on thier owners. This was linked to a certain blood line. They bred the Weimaraner into the line, and got rid of all the bad blood so to speak. They are very awesome now. They can be a bit timid and you really have to socialize them a lot. They have been solid now for over 20 years. Luna does have the doberman build, she is super heavy for her size. I dont know about kill, but she sure can chase them, and they are afraid of her.

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