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Throwback: Best Family-Friendly Card Game Ever!

Do you ever do throwback?  “Throwback Thursday is a popular internet trend used among social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.” (Wikipedia) What is this trend?  Lots of people participate in sharing a bit of nostalgia; memories of stuff they remember from back in their day. You can share any happy memory from your past that produces a vintage vibe.  (“Vintage vibe”?  Yeah.  That’s how I describe it.) Usually people post those memories on a Thursday via their social media account and hashtag the content #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT.  If I share on any day other than Thursday I just modify the hashtag for my social share as #throwback.

I decided that in addition to sharing via my social media accounts, this social community is a good place to share a throwback.  So here goes!

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I grew up in a medium to large size family:  7 boys, 2 girls.

(Some think that’s a large family. Others say if it’s less than 10 kids, it’s medium.  Eh!)

With several kids, my mom found a way of maintaining harmony in the family by keeping us busy with puzzles, board games and card games.

Smart mom!  Right?  Of course!  Those activities don’t require electricity or batteries and can keep kids entertained for hours and hours and hours.  Plus.  Mom always knew where we were.

I have pleasant childhood memories;especially of playing card games.

My favorite card game was Gin Rummy 500.

How To Play Rummy 500 – Card Games

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