Spot the Difference Game

There are 10 photographs below. Five are original, five are edited.  I will show you the original photograph followed by the edited one. I have taken out one object in each photo. 

The object of the game is to name what I have taken out of the second photo, in the comments below. 

They will be numbered to make it easier to comment on each one. 

Number 1. (My view)

Number 1 edited version.

Number 2. (Hillcrest, CA)

Number 2 edited version.

Number 3. (Living Statue)

Number 3 edit.

Number 4. (Ducks)

Number 4 edit.

Number 5. (Mission)

Number 5 edit.

Did you like this game? Would you like to see more? 

Thanks for playing! 

What do you think?

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Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. 1. Alien has kidnapped someone from the street
    2. Alakazam! And the windows was lost due to the act of a witch
    3. A group of visitors consumed by carnivorous plants
    4. Without feet, that duck should have rolled into the pond
    5. Are you a member of Ocean’s Eleven group too, Kim? But why bells?

  2. YEAY!!! You brought this back!! YEAY!! It’s fun!!

    1. Man behind on the path..
    2. A row of windows (3rd red block from right)
    3. A group of humans got kidnapped
    4. You’re so cruel!! You chopped off the duck’s feet!! Did you cook it?
    5. Flowers/bush right behind the “arch” got added and bell gone

    • Well you made me feel great, so I guess you liked these spot the difference games. I did this one a bit different than the previous ones. Which do you like best. The one thing taken away or multiple things like the last ones? You did get them all correct, and no, no duck feet on the menu recently. Hahaha

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