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Special Gift ~ 365 Photos Challenge #24

Although I already have many close friends here in Virily, sometimes I remember also to some other virtual close friends of media platform such kind. Like a close friend from Denmark who once sent me some stuff like this:

So far I have received a lot of gifts, especially from clients, but I was very happy when he sent me a small box contained a mini bowl, two moonstones, a set of pirate ship assemblies kit and some stickers. For me, it’s a very valuable gift. I can not remember his real name because, in Tsu, he has ever changed his identity after inactive for a couple of months then I found him again with a different username, from his real name become (if I’m not mistaken) sumtingwong@dumfuk. He is an ex-sailor, who later on busy with his hobby to fixing Audi.He is someone that I have not been able to meet again yet, while some of Tsu’s other close friends later have found each other and made several groups on Facebook and we’ve regrouped there.

A close and sincere friendship, finding soul sisters & soul brothers out there is my passion and a major reason why I’ve joined a media like Virily.

Anyone can join in on this fun photo challenge which was started by John artbytes26 . Just please be sure to check out Art’s rules and guidelines for the challenge in this post 365 Photos Challenge.


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  1. I have met many friends from writing sites. There was this one writer that actually sent me 150.00 cash to help me out after my husband was killed in a motorcycle wreck. There was someone else that sent my daughter a devotional book when she was sad and sent me a gift as well. They all feel like family to me

  2. Friends are the best aren’t they! I have one is Australia that sends me b’day and Christmas gifts each year. No matter what she sends, it brightens my day just to see her name and address fro down under.


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