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Silhouette Saturday is here!

Every Saturday why don’t you try your hand at creating and posting a silhouette? 

I found that silhouettes are quite easy. Here are some steps. 

These are all straight out of the camera with no editing. 

#1 Sunset or Sunrise is a great time.

The best time to take a silhouette photo is sunrise or sunset. 

You have to have the sun behind the subject you want to photograph. 

I picked out two trees one in the front yard and one in the back. 

#2 Waiting

Wait until the colors start showing a deep color like here. Turn down the light meter in your camera or phone. Some may have a sunset setting. 

You will notice the subjects, which in this case will be trees will turn darker and the hues in the sky colors get more intense.

#3 Remember the rule of thirds..

I have the horizon line and the big tree lined up in an L shape. Still waiting for the colors to become more intense. 

#4 That pine tree…

The front. I wish there weren't houses, or I would of tried to get that whole tree. The colors are just now the right color for me to start clicking. 

#5 I got closer

I got closer to that pine and pointed the camera up. Then zoomed a tiny bit. 

This is the end result. Now to hurry up and go out back again for that Live Oak Tree on the horizon. 


I panned left to get the house out of the shot. You can still see its outline on the bottom right. 

#7 A glowing silhouette.

I could not get closer to the tree, so I zoomed in a bit, but not enough to make it blurry or fuzzy. I took about ten shots and show you the clearest. 

You can do this too. The camera does all the work for you! Have fun and start clicking! 

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    • Thank you Queen. Me too. I remember the first silhouette I captured. I was trying to take pictures of my son and daughter in law at the beach with the sun behind them. I was upset because the subjects were black. Someone pointed out, hey those are great silhouettes. I was hooked.

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