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Animals are God’s children too on this earth

Hello world of readers out there, how you all doing? well I sure hope all is well cause this story here will forget your problems & start thinking about there’s. ?

Story (1) There’s been times in my life time  I wish I was a animal of some sort but then as I grew older I’m sure glad I didn’t have that life to endure that I’ve seen time & time again across the great nation that we call America/ USA.

I have have seen people abuse their pets like they were yesterdays NEWS ?like they could care less how they treat their pets like no one is watching them well folks someones ALWAYS watching they may not be seen but their there.Back when I was younger & was just a kid on my bike, I use to ride my bike down A dead end street that was about a 1/2 mile long & hardly anyone lived on that street but me & some other families at the WAY end of it I’d visit at times  ?

There was a day that I was just going up the street on my bike & saw something I didn’t get a real good look at it at 1st but you know how kids are, very inquisitive about things specially if they see something in the woods & have to go check it OUT. ?

I stopped turned around & there in the bush’s I saw this face, I couldn’t really tell JUST what kind of face but a face all the same, but it wasn’t a persons face for sure so I stood there looking to see if I could tell what it was I knew it wasn’t very happy I also knew that it was shaking like it was scared or cold cause it was winter too.

So being I didn’t live too far down the road I rushed back home got me some food took it to what was in the bush’s & stood back to see if I could get it to come out & so I just dropped a few bits in front of it & some coming towards me to draw it out it worked.

SO I stood there waiting to see if it would come out to let me see it & trust me to eat the food I gave it to come out & sure enough it did come out a little at a time& when it did it was the  worst thing I have EVER seen in my life time it’s was sad. ?

This animal was a Dog that had been left in the open field by god knows who & left there with no food no water nothing for I don’t know how long, it was SO bony you could count it’s ribs & could tell this was a abused animal left to just die here.

I couldn’t help myself I was so heart broken that I had to try & get it a safe place cause I knew if I didn’t this baby wouldn’t live out there long & cold & scared & that is NO WAY for a animal to die that deserves a 2nd chance in live to be happy. ?

So I knew I had to find a way for this baby to trust me enough to safe it’s life to get it back to my house & give it a place to be safe at & get plenty of food & love as well so I to get back to my house cause it was getting late & I hated leaving this poor dog.

The very next day I found me a bag & put MORE dog food in it & then got a blanket just  in case I COULDN’T get him to follow me I had something to put where he was to keep warm with & a gal of water so he could have something to drink as well. ?So I had a big enough dish for the food & water to use, got it all set up for him to enjoy after I left I put the BLANKET  I had OVER the bush’s he was under cause I didn’t know if he would like me in his area JUST yet so I was careful on that part, This dog was so bony he couldn’t have made it to my place, so I just knew that I had to gain HIS trust before he would feelthat I wasn’t there to harm him to start eating, so after about a few weeks of taking him food & making sure he had water to drink he started trusting me more that when I’d go to leave he’d start following me then turn around heading BACK to his bush’s so that made me happy to see he trusted me. So after about 3 wk’s of taking care of this dog to get him BACK on his feet again I named him Sargent he had doby marking but not really a doby type dog, cause just the way he was after he filled out a little better than he was when I 1st saw him.

I finally got him to follow me home & he & I  was best of friends from then on out I taught him tricks & we played for hrs we’d go to his old bush home & he never thought about that place again when we went by it didn’t even bother him to go by.

Story (2) After Sargent had past away a few yrs ago after I rescued him from the bush, I had found me a cat out in the field that Sargent had been  dropped off into to starve to death & I seen this cat that had NO hair (hairless cat by nature) & I had Never seen one before & I was shocked at how could people do this to animals cause I remember how Sargent was when I found him out in the same field & bony.

So again being this was a Cat I got me a box & put it inside & closed the top so it couldn’t get out & walked back to the house with it & put it in my room & gave it some food & water being it hid under my bed I knew it was scared & confused. I stayed in my room MOST the time till it trusted me to come out & get to know me that I wasn’t going to harm it in any way & it didn’t take long for it to trust me like it did Sargent, cause I found out that cats are ones that own you not you own it type.Well after awhile I let the cat out of my room & let it roam the house a bit as long as no one else was around to be freaked out about it & he liked that cause he was out & being like a cat investigated everything he could about where he was & so on, It wasn’t long before he was spotted from someone in the house & as I said people freak out over such a crazy looking animal & was just going nuts to get him outta the house that something was wrong with him & it’s a devil cat & just stupid stuff. So I took it back to my room but ACTED like I was letting it go outside I was smart cause as I went out the back door & everyone was watching till I got out of their sight I slipped in the FRONT door & put it in my room to hide & that was home.

So let me say this, when ever you think no one is watching what your doing to a animal think again, cause you know who’s watching? that’s the good lord above he watches EVERYTHING we do to each other to animals to ourselves to kids.We need to be more aware of who’s doing what to other animals & people cause you never know what could happen to the one being abused & I am really glad I saved them 2 abandoned animals in the field to give them a 2nd chance in life.

So I leave you with this thought in mind be kind to others rather it be human or animal cause we were (ALL) put here to love one another to help each other & to learn from people & animals how to  treat gods creatures on this earth.

Thank you for your time & your feed back all photos are from pixabay


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  1. I love reading two different stories of the dog and the cat. These animals have the right to live too just humans. What you did is a good example to everybody that animals need to be treated like us for God is watching in a distance.

  2. I often think if only animals could talk. Then they would really let the people who abuse them know what they think. Because they cannot talk and cannot often stand up for themselves I think they should always be cherished, loved and respected.

    • I look at it this way if it breaths & feels pain & suffers it belongs to god & EVERYTHING
      is his child from morn to dark from day 1 to 5 million yrs from now god made it it’s
      a child that was made by him he don’t consider them JUST pets or animals.