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Poppy Shadows: Just for Fun

I have long loved the red or Flanders poppy. Although I had planted it in my garden many years ago, I didn’t think it had come up. Then all of a sudden I saw a number of mystery plants appear in my garden the next year. The leaves looked a bit like mustard leaves. It was only when they bloomed I discovered they were lovely red poppies. I enjoyed them and saved their seeds and threw them around outside the boundaries of my herb garden. I think Mother Nature helped.

The next year, I had a field of these red Flanders poppies behind my herb garden. It must have been a rainy year. Again, I saved seeds and threw them around, but my field of red never came back. Or maybe my weed abatement man got to them before I did. I only wish I’d had a decent camera back then, but I didn’t. I hadn’t started to write online yet and saw no need to photograph so much of what I did in the garden.

When I moved to Paso Robles I bought some seeds for the Flanders poppy and it bloomed in May right on schedule for National Poppy Day. It’s celebrated on May 25 this year, just before Memorial Day. This poppy symbolizes the sacrifice of those who have given their lives fighting for the United States from World War I on.

I’ve always loved this particular photo of the poppies growing in this flower bed next to the sidewalk. I like the effect of the shadows falling on the sidewalk. That’s why I used this photo for Kim’s challenge. If you have photos of shadows or silhouettes you’d like to share, click this link to join Kim’s Just for Fun Challenge on Shadows and Silhouettes.


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    • I just followed you and left instructions on how to follow people in my reply on your first post. I’m just so happy you are here. I don’t even remember leaving a referral link on myLot. This site is addictive, for sure. Be sure to follow Rex Trulove. I think you’d like his posts.

  1. What a great photograph! Thank you for entering it. You just gave me a great idea, I didn’t know you could save poppy seeds, I don’t know why. When do you collect them and where are they? I know of some wild ones I would love to get seeds from. They have just now started to bloom.


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