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Which Flower Shadows Do You Like Best?

I have thoroughly enjoyed Kim’s Just for Fun Shadows and Silhouettes Challenge and hate to see it end. I especially love the shadows cast by flowers, including the flowers of herbs. I have included a few more of my favorites here. Be sure to choose the one in each pair you like best.

I seem to get the best shadows when the flowers hang over a white sidewalk. That makes the shadows show up better. But walls also work, as you see in the mullein photo. It’s one of my personal favorites, even though the flower has dried. It reminds me of a particular animal. Can you guess which one?

If you have photos of shadows or silhouettes you’d like to share, click this link to join Kim’s Just for Fun Challenge on Shadows and Silhouettes.


  • Question of

    Which do you like best of these two herb flower shadows?

    • Mullein
    • Tansy
  • Question of

    Which of these pink flower shadows do you like best?

    • Petunia
    • Sweet Williams


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  1. Barb, this is really kewl, thanks for telling me about this site (again as I’m sure I ignored you the first time) and wahoo, when I got off my smart phone and onto a real computer the CREATE button appeared, but I still haven’t figured out how to follow you.

  2. Love the shadows, and you are correct. The white back round really makes a difference doesn’t it. I think your dried flower looks like some alien ant type martian with a long nose like an elephant. What do you see?

    • Mullein is an herb that often grows wild. It actually has pretty yellow flowers which I may post separately. It’s a very tall plant with a tall flower spike. I photographed it after it died back because of the shadow. I was also letting it reseed. Petunias do look a bit like morning glories.

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