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Please Be Quiet ~ If They Could Talk

Elenka has started an animal challenge. You can read her post here Animal Challenge If they could talk, they would tell us a lot of stories. If they could talk every day, they would tell us how much they love us, Elenka says.

I am taking Elenka up on her recent animal challenge. Click on the link above if you wish to participate. Basically you post one of your animal photos and talk about the animal, funny facts, etc. I know my cat Brendel was trying to tell me with this expression to “Please Be Quiet”. She was asleep out in the screen room and I was out gardening making lots of noise. You can see her sleepy eyes. I snapped this photo as she lifted her head and opened her eyes.

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  1. My Sophie only talks when she wants to be heard. I believe animals do talk in their own tongue but we may not always understand what they are saying to us.

  2. Sorry if you see a down vote. I thought I had not read this post, so I went to read it. I went to upvote, and it went down, so I had to immediately upvote it. Great the second time around.

  3. It’s Tigers! Hi beautiful Brendel , sup girl?? If you ever get tired of her, you can send her this way. lol Great shot, and he needs a be quiet sign to hang up. grins.

      • Yes poor girl, but she’s got the best cat mom to take care of her. She would be long gone by now if it weren’t for you. It’s not about the quantity of life for these special needs pets, but the quality. You give her that and it shows. Also, vet medicine has come a long way, I hope she gives you many more years.

  4. I am not sure I want to know what my cat Zinger is thinking most of the time. He stares at me like he is obsessed. Somene told me that he either has some type of neurological damage, or he just loves me that much.