The Beach Photo Quiz Answers and more!

A few days ago I decided to make a beach photo quiz. Most of the photos were originals I just asked questions about what you saw in the photos. You can find the quiz here.

Here is what the answers were. 

1. I asked how many people were there without surfboards. There was eight. 

2. I asked if the surfer was a man or woman.. Here is a cropped version to see her better.

3. I asked if this photo’s high tide was because of glacier melt. Yes, we have lost some of our beach due to rising tides. 

4. I asked how many surfers you saw. There was 2, I cropped and circled the original so you can see it better. The one in the back was just catching a wave, the one in front just dismounting one. 

5.  I asked what this paddle boarder was doing.. He was paddle boarding. Here is a cropped version of the photo I used on the quiz. 

6. Was a reflector that photogs use, to lighten subjects.

7. I asked if I edited the color. No, as the sun sets here, if we have a light marine layer (fog) we get the yellow sunsets. If the marine layer is thicker it is orange. 

8. I asked how many people were in the water. There were 10.

9. I asked if the dog was in danger of high tide and being trapped with no beach. The answer was the water hits the bluff but is not deep…yet.. The dog knows to watch the tide, she was in no danger. It’s a game she plays..

The original 

And her game of keep away..

From the surf…

Before it hits the wall..

10.  Find the surfboard…It was here.

11. The answer was a camera.

12. This guy was paddling out to catch a wave/surf. He had the cutest round butt! haha

13. I asked why so many people were in the water…They and the ones on land were there to catch a Lunar Eclipse. 

14. I used a far out edit of my messed up photos for the next two. It was so hard to catch because it was so bright, it blew out in this photo below.

15. Was actually this one, I just edited it to make it resemble the earth, cropped and turned it..

Below are the okay photos that I got.

The moon..

I was trying all kinds of settings..

That’s it for the Beach Quiz photos. I hope you enjoyed this quiz and photos. Have a great day!! 


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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