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My Happiness List Week 3

Thank you @ellie925 for this great challenge!

The challenge this week can be found here.

I regret not being able to participate last week for week two. The post for that is here.

This one was tough for me, far too much to share. lol I have put them in collages, I hope you like it.

#1 The Great Beauty

From Ellie: The Great Beauty β€“ list some of the most beautiful sights you’ve witnessed or beautiful moments you have experienced. It can be anything from a sunset or a place to somebody’s smile. You can get creative with this topic, and you can add some photos too.

These are some of the beautiful sights I have witnessed. The beach nearby. 

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#2 Beautiful sights with family

Are special moments! I love catching them in photos. 

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#3 Beautiful Moments

All I could think about were my kids and grandson. These beautiful moments spent with family are precious to me. 

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#4 Outdoor activities

are my thing. Every since I was a very small child, I preferred being outdoors. I would cry when my mother would take me inside. I still kind of feel that way. hahaha

I love anything outdoors and love taking the dogs along on outdoor adventures as well. 

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#5 Outdoor activities…

  • Outdoor activities that make me happy β€“ list all the fun things you enjoy doing outdoors.
  • 1. Swimming
  • 2. Hiking
  • 3. Photography
  • Exploring
  • Traveling
  • Learning about Wildlife
  • Learning about Flora
  • Going to the Beach....

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your happiness and positive attitude towards life with us! If you are interested in the previous topics, you can still make posts about them. The point is to have fun here. πŸ™‚

  2. No wonder you’re so happy! Yep, Delightful tour! I guess you aren’t the iguana? Kids cute too. Explains why you’ve the tolerance for bottom feeders and other critters. Also your obvious appreciation and lust for life. I like you! Step into the water again, I want to bite your toes. SpLaSh!

    • Thank you fine finned fish friend. : D
      Although I can relate to the lizard.. I love the sun and warm rocks to lay on, I am under this fat boy! lol Kids and bottom feeders..yes, laughs. They are so similar… giggles again. True though they do teach tolerance… They turned out to be good people. Whew ~~
      I’ve had perch bite my toes, but a catfish? Dives in ~~


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