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My Happiness List Week 3

Thank you @ellie925 for this great challenge!

The challenge this week can be found here.

I regret not being able to participate last week for week two. The post for that is here.

This one was tough for me, far too much to share. lol I have put them in collages, I hope you like it.

#1 The Great Beauty

From Ellie: The Great Beauty β€“ list some of the most beautiful sights you’ve witnessed or beautiful moments you have experienced. It can be anything from a sunset or a place to somebody’s smile. You can get creative with this topic, and you can add some photos too.

These are some of the beautiful sights I have witnessed. The beach nearby. 

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#2 Beautiful sights with family

Are special moments! I love catching them in photos. 

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#3 Beautiful Moments

All I could think about were my kids and grandson. These beautiful moments spent with family are precious to me. 

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#4 Outdoor activities

are my thing. Every since I was a very small child, I preferred being outdoors. I would cry when my mother would take me inside. I still kind of feel that way. hahaha

I love anything outdoors and love taking the dogs along on outdoor adventures as well. 

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#5 Outdoor activities…

  • Outdoor activities that make me happy β€“ list all the fun things you enjoy doing outdoors.
  • 1. Swimming
  • 2. Hiking
  • 3. Photography
  • Exploring
  • Traveling
  • Learning about Wildlife
  • Learning about Flora
  • Going to the Beach....

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  1. No wonder you’re so happy! Yep, Delightful tour! I guess you aren’t the iguana? Kids cute too. Explains why you’ve the tolerance for bottom feeders and other critters. Also your obvious appreciation and lust for life. I like you! Step into the water again, I want to bite your toes. SpLaSh!

    • Thank you fine finned fish friend. : D
      Although I can relate to the lizard.. I love the sun and warm rocks to lay on, I am under this fat boy! lol Kids and bottom feeders..yes, laughs. They are so similar… giggles again. True though they do teach tolerance… They turned out to be good people. Whew ~~
      I’ve had perch bite my toes, but a catfish? Dives in ~~

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