Lough Out Loud ~ 365 Photos Challenge #206

I think I have to laugh out loud in the last few days. Why? First, because at the peak of a tight schedule where I really needed a computer for work, my laptop was in trouble so I had to carry it for repair. It turned out that I had to replace the IC power and according to the service center, the repair would take about one to two weeks. Ahoy!

All right, I think I can use another older laptop at the risk of having to work more slowly. Hmmm… This is the second problem. It turns out this laptop is also problematic after so long unused. It takes more than five minutes just to open any program or folder, let alone to open Chrome or Mozilla, then repeatedly off due to crash dump or stop or other trouble with blue screen displays! Wow! Some checks and some system restore did not work. Imagine, when I think I have a little time to post and visit friends in Virily, it turns out that even just opening a single post or one page takes more than five minutes! Yesterday it took me over two hours just to post the last article. It is already more than one hour since I open Virily just to writes this post and I need to rewrite it for more than three times for all those errors include the Mozilla that often suddenly off. I also need to use my mobile or tab to support even I don’t really like it for it to small for my eyes.

Apparently, this laptop also must be hospitalized, but can not now because I still need it. Ha! Even laptops contribute in testing my patience.

So… Hahahahahaha…


What do you think?


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  1. If I were in your situation, I guess many things will be broken already… no way I could LOL over this… lol
    Anyway, I guess you might start planning to get a new computer soon… or at least start backing up important files… after the “discharge”…

    • Broken? Why?
      Actually my computer is now being repaired is still relatively new and still in good performance besides the problem of batteries that do not charge because of broken IC power/charger but I do plan to buy new one next year to adjust to your computer sophistication.

      • I’ll lose my cool when my computer doesn’t work!!
        And then I might just throw stuffs lol!!

        Well, if it’s a d/c problem then your computer is fine… I’m just suggesting because I lost quite a lot of my stuffs when my pc and hdd went double killed … and that includes some of my comic stripes… it hurts

  2. Sorry that happened to you, I have a problem logging in sometimes via Mozilla, it just logs me out and then I can’t log in again except if I open a single Virily tab in a new window and close the previous one which contains other tabs too. I also have a problem on my phone with Instagram, the phone turned off while I was deleting a photo there and now I can even open Instagram as a site…! So I’m like quite frustrated now….. pfffff!!!!! :||||| :E


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