Just for Fun challenge #1 – sky

Once again, the mistress of challenges- Kim Johnson has come up with another test of our creativity, although this time she claims it is Just for Fun… This particular challenge revolves around the sky

See what I did there?

#1 The Folly of Determinism

I did this piece back in college. Inspired by the Flammarion engraving, and only slightly younger, it is embarrassing

The sky and gears were rendered in Bryce, a/k/a my first raytracer. I say it was done in college, but it looks more like preschool

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#2 tiki torch

Still done in Bryce, my style shows a great deal of maturity only a few years later. Done for a buddy's destination wedding

What is the deal with those obnoxious tags?!?

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What do you think?

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  1. Like the color of the sky in the cover photo but I find Virily’s black pop-up thing pretty inconvenient — it slows down the work — especially when it refused to budge thereby obscuring the article. Pre-school? Maybe an 18-year old preschool ???

  2. It certainly does not look like pre-school, but you have advanced so far.
    I could not compete with this art, much less what you do now.
    The tiki torch is interesting. The system knocks me out (on the floor ha!)
    when I try upvoting or commenting, so I will try again later.

    Great photos for the challenge. Kim has changed the guidelines now,
    week 3 is something man made. That Kim keeps us busy. 🙂

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