Jökulsárlón ~ Photo Challenge Day 2

My day 2 entry in the 365 Photos Challenge. My entry today is “Jökulsárlón”.You can find endless pictures of Jökulsárlón on the net. It’s probably the most photographed spot in Iceland. But maybe it’s because we Icelanders see it differently then travelers, that you can usually see if the photo is taken by Icelander or a traveler.

It got it’s beauty for sure, but what I see as the beauty of it is different then tourist see it. It is the calmness in the reflection of the icebergs on the almost totally still icy water. Sometimes the sky looks so unnatural when it reflects in the lagoon. But even tho the water looks like it’s not running, it slowly moves to the sea were the icebergs cracks and the rocky seashore break them into pieces that are caught by the ocean. And those small pieces take on a journey to the endless Atlantic Ocean only to melt and be absorbed by it.

That’s the beauty of the lagoon. This feeling of total stillness, even though it’s moving but so slowly that you hardly notice it. Sometimes it’s like looking a tree grow. Nature isn’t in that rat-race like us humans. It moves slowly but surely to fulfill its destiny. In contrast to us, that so often do not know what our destiny is.

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