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Sunrise from behind lyme grass in my little bay ~ Photo Challenge Day 4

My day 4 entry in the 365 Photos Challenge. My entry today is a photo of a sunrise in my little bay, Fossvogur, Iceland.

I’m so lucky to live by the sea, in a little bay. Even tho it’s in the middle of the city. The Raykjavík’s area coastline is jagged with many little bays so there are places that are more like living in a small fishing village than a city. And I live by one of them.

So ones on a morning walk when the sun was coming up. I lay down behind lyme grass that grows on the beach to watch the sunrise thru the grass. What a wonderful serin morning, even tho I knew that the highway morning traffic was not so far away. Still, it was almost like being somewhere in nature far away from all city life. Just my, the sun rising behind the lyme grass, and the birds on the beach.

Who can ask for anything more?

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    • Thank you, Norman. I’m so used to the Icelandic name which is Melgresi, Mel(ur) means sandy or rocky please, that I had to look it up to. Don’t know how familiar it is elsewhere. It doesn’t grow except in harsh environment and loves sand best. Strang’s grass that like sand with no soil. But it has been used in Iceland to regain soil where volcanos have covered land whit ash.