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Snail having dinner hanging on a straw ~ Photo Challenge Day 6

My day 6 entry in the 365 Photos Challenge. My entry today is a photo of a snail having his dinner on a staw in my little bay, Fossvogur, Iceland.

I’m very fond of the small. Small animals, like snails, small flowers, and are so lucky that Iceland being so near the arctic that we have a lot of really small sturdy arctic vegetation. Something that grows nowhere except in the harsh tundra climate.

But this small snail having his dinner was just hanging on a straw in my bay one day when I passed by. Me walking slowly looking for something tiny that would be interesting to photograph. He was moving just as slowly like snails do. I watched him for a while and took a lot of pictures of him while he trayed to balance himself so he could enjoy his meal. And as so often, passers-by looked at me and wondered what I was taking photos of. But they didn’t have their nose to the ground so they could not see the snail.

Then after his loooong dinner. I bid him farewell, and we went our separate way.

Here are the rules on the 365 Photos Challenge.


My Day 5 entry, which was supposed to be posted yesterday, got stuck in Pending, so it did not post until sort time ago. So this post is really my 6. day entry, posting 1 photo per day.


What do you think?


    • Thank you, Kim! Yes, I’m a lover of everything small. That’s why I have taken a lot of close-up and macro photos. I just wanted to show you first my land and then move down to the small, my favorite : )