My daughter on the beach in our little bay ~ Photo Challenge Day 5

My day 5 entry in the 365 Photos Challenge. My entry today is a photo of my daughter on the beach in our little bay, Fossvogur, Iceland.

I think most people that are into photographing want to travel a lot, visit a lot of new places that can be photogenic and be ever running after the new things to see.

But others, like my self, take most of my photos in my little bay when I and my daughter take a walk there. It’s our quality time. Just walking slowly, knowing every stone and grass on the way, all the seasons and the birdlife. But always (well, not all the time of course) can I find new angles on old things and new things on those short walk of ours. Short I say because the bay is not so big. Maybe it’s because I mostly keep my nose stuck to the ground most of the time, whit macro/close up photos in mind, and you can always find new things even on a small spot of land if you are into close up or macro photography. But I haven’t still started posting my macros/close up photos here, but I will.

Being from Iceland I have been posting photos that I think/hope will give people a small inside into how it is to live here at the end of the world. The barren landscape and emptiness on an island where only 300 thousand plus people live on an island ruffle the size of England.

But here I step out of that sone and just present to you an evening picture of my most precious thing, in my much-loved environment, my daughter on the beach in our little bay.

Here are the rules on the 365 Photos Challenge.


What do you think?


  1. Great photo, Bragi. Thanks for giving us an insight into life “at the end of the world”! I’m also remembering how much I enjoyed your macros on Tsu, and looking forward to your posting some here 🙂

    • Thank you, Norman. I think that the little everyday things in life, in places that people usually know much or nothing about are often the stories that people want to hear. At least I’m like that. The find big things to un-personal and don’t give me the feeling of how it’s like to “be there,” to “live there.” If I’m going to travel to someplace, I want to know how it is like to be there, not what to see. I’m not fond of monuments and tourist attractions, I just want to sit in front of some cafe and watch the live flow bay. My wife and daughter don’t agree with me, so often we have to split, I’m sitting somewhere takin in everyday life of the place, the street life, imagine how it is to live there and so on. Thay on the other hand don’t understand why I’m not so interested in big churches and all the things they try to sell you in the tourist brochures. I take with me my diary every day as well as my camera, but I don’t take photos of the people, that goes into my diary, and I also draw the street live. I, on the other hand, take photos of the small things. Lamppost design I haven’t seen before, different style in Architektur (then I mean the ordinary houses, no castles here) and so on. That’s why I think many folks can relate to my little short writing I try to put along my photo, the small things. Maybe because I find the small things more beautiful and interesting than the big things. I always say, small is beautiful, it is one of my mantras. And I hope people like it, tiny stories of ordinary daily life. And that is of course why I also like close-up and macro photografing : ) And I will post some soon, but first my land and my little bay.