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Haiku Poetry 10 Day Challenge

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I would like to start a Haiku Poem Challenge. All you have to do is write about any thought you have, but it can only be three lines. Each line has a rule that must be followed. The first line must be 5 syllables, the second line must be 7 syllables, and the third line must be 5 syllables.The 5-7-5 syllable rule is because this is how you write Haiku poetry. I know there are different styles of Haiku poetry, but I really do not know what the style of Haiku poetry that I usually write in. I write mostly inspirational Haiku poetry, but, it is fun to see how a simple thought can become a Haiku poem. It can be as simple or mysterious as you want to make it.

First example: 

Today is special

tomorrow is special too

Please enjoy your day

Second example

We love you our child

Do not be scared little child

Live your dream always

Third example

Walking is healthy

I love to walk in the park

with my dog Gizmo

See, you can write Haiku poetry about any thought. Surprise us, and tell us what is on your mind today, through a Haiku poem.  If your lines are too long just substitute a similar word to fit how many syllables are needed. It is easy and fun! Nobody has to nominate anyone!

Last example

Come join in the fun

Learning to write poetry

can uplift the world




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Written by LaJenna


  1. This is an awesome idea! I used to write poetry when I was a student, but I’ve never tried writing in English and I don’t know much about writing a haiku.