Haiku Poetry 10 Day Challenge #9: Five Elements

five elements work

compound became you and me

will turn as before.Our self, some part of the whole is earth, water, fire, air, and ether. Part of that whole is our body, which has been formed the universe.

These elements have correlations or relationships with different emotions, temperaments, goals, colors, tastes, body shapes, diseases, thinking styles, and characters.

From these five elements comes the five senses and five areas of sensual experience, negative and positive emotions, wisdom, the five primary prana or five vital energies. They are the essential elements of every physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual phenomenon.

In the end, these five elements will be detached from us and leave the rest. The remaining part is, in fact, are the main part and the whole essence that fills everything, One from the Oneness. Truth entirely stays within the substance.  Then what and who we really are?


What do you think?

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  1. Five is the number of fingers and toes that we have, and it is also the number of breaths in a second, when you are panting and running for life.

    The five elements also connect to the five planes of existence, of which four are in the inner worlds.

    Five is nothing but itself in itself, and it is also representative of the five planes leading up to, and including the soul plane, the physical, the emotional or astral, the mental, the etheric, or intuitional, and the soul, or higher-self plane too.

    five fingers to life,
    representations of God.
    His hand is on mine

    five fingers to life,
    representations of God.
    His hand aligns mine

  2. The five elements – in harmony. Earth and water form the body structure, shape, stability, and vitality. Fire is responsible for bodily and mental energy, for metabolism, for intelligence and for will. Air and ether influence the subtle structures and are responsible for physical and mental movements and subtle sensations.

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