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Haiku Poetry 10 Day Challenge #4: A Boy Found His Purpose Through a Dream

There was a young boy

Who was crippled since his birth

never loved his life

Part 2

He always felt sad

He thought little of himself

He was handicapped

Part 3

Fast asleep one night

He witnessed a miracle

He saved the children


He saw from a boat

That they were about to drown

He threw them a rope

Part 5

Sad to leave his dream

But happy to share his dream

About the rescue

Part 6

This boy changed indeed

The boy helped someone in need

Now he felt purpose

Part 7

His smile was present

The rescue was a success

He was a hero


I wrote a children’s story years ago about a boy that was crippled. He always thought he had no purpose in life. He went to sleep one night and had a dream that he met three animals that were handicapped too. In his dream, he and the three animals discovered a boat where children were about to drown. The boy and his animal friends helped them to safety. The dream was more than just a dream to the boy. He learned that he was valuable and had a purpose. From that day on, the boy lived his life with courage and a smile. He felt like a hero that night in his dream.

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