Haiku Poetry 10 Day Challenge #10: Lost.

Thoughts are creative

so creative in creates

till we lost in it.

We live in illusion after being born in a dream world. Our dream world with the appearance of things that can be scanned with the five senses, maybe six, and it makes it look real, become our reality.

We even always have new desires, burning lust, new ownership, new experiences, new inventions, new creation, continuous and sustainable creation in everything that is called the progress of the times, the new era. Indeed it is a very miraculous dream world.

Since we are in the same dream world then who can certainly tell the truth behind it?

If there are one or two people who tell the truth, then they must be considered insane, breaking certain laws, breaking the general agreement, illogical, misleading, not factual, uninteresting, and they should be punished, excommunicated, avoided, or at least ignored.

All thoughts in the world of dreams are very creative, continue to work and accumulate, synergize until the thicker layered and attached to the consciousness. The very thickness that the expert takes care of the world so that consciousness can no longer afford to see it.

There may be one or two who at last realize it, understand this dream world and see itself nothing. But by being nothing, they become everything, everything that is in the Greatness and greatness of the whole in Oneness.


What do you think?

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  1. Like I tell those who ask how I get through pain in life, losses, etc. We each have to find that place that brings peace and relaxation to us. We have to find it. Nobody else can do it. Dreams are up to us to interpret. They can be just a dream, or they can have a meaning behind them. Again, we each must make that decision how to believe and where to take that belief. That is how I feel Albert.

    • I am always happy to listen to your point of view, my best friend Elenka. For me, when we dream, we dream in a dream or, we return to our true reality, at least on the edge of it, or to a certain layer of our mind that after so long becomes the thick roll of our mind and memory.

  2. “Since we are in the same dream world then who can certainly tell the truth behind it?” —- I say, you only need to close your eyes — here is something I wrote today after finishing a good meditation — you know that one, the one in which you feel the lingering feelings of bliss, peace and calm even after several minutes of completing the session.

    lies in the fact
    that for a short moment,
    in that particular time and space,
    — everything is just right —
    everything is perfect.
    The QUIET,
    the SERENITY,
    the feeling that the world somehow stops existing,
    the UNITY in SILENCE
    that lets one believe
    that truly life is nothing but IS.

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