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Grateful ~ My Happiness List

Ellie has started a new challenge called My Happiness List. Click the link for details and here are the rules…

List your favorite quotes or thought that help you go through a rough time. I’m adding a second theme in case you don’t like the other one. You are welcome to make both lists, too. The second theme is: Things I can do to improve my life and be happier. Rules:

  • Make posts featuring the topic(s) for this week.
  • Post in the Challenges Section
  • Use the hashtag #myhappylist


I have thousands of favorite quotes that help get me through difficult times. But I will try to share one at a time. I was out today and this picture was on a wall that caught my eye. I love what it says. So I am sharing it for the challenge…. Begin each day with a grateful heart. I am not sure who wrote this quote but I completely agree with each word.

We all have something to be grateful for. No matter what is going on in our lives, remember that someone out there has it worse. Trust me, it is true. Think about all of the little things in life. Being grateful for your health. Your family. Food on your table. And so many more things and people we may take for granted. So, despite your circumstances at the present time, try your best to start each day with a grateful heart, and think positively about what you do have, instead of focusing on what you don’t. I know it is not easy to do, I struggle with it a lot in my life. But it is a positive goal for me each day.


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Written by Carol DM

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  1. The law of gratitude requires us to express it not only in words. Everyone can find a way to express their gratitude for action. It is enough not to confuse gratitude with flattery. One is sincere, the other is not. As Dale Carnegie writes: “One comes from the heart, the other slips through the teeth.”

  2. True gratitude is the power that drives the Universe. It is the power with which the master lives the life he creates. It is the power by which Jesus is walking on the water, by which he raises the dead into the living, which creates fish in the net and turns water into wine.


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