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Quote for the Day ~ Life is Short

Many quotes catch my attention. I have heard my entire life that life is short. And I look back and realize it really is. Especially when you have lost many along the way.

Wanted to share this for anyone who might need it today. A simple reminder to try and enjoy life, no matter what. 

I also have to remind myself as well. 

*Stop worrying so much

*Have fun 

*Be Grateful

*Don’t allow others to bring you down

*Life is a one time offer

*Live to your fullest

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. Indeed life is short. We have to stop worrying too much, do what we can and try to live to our fullest.
    I wouldn’t want to live a live a long life in this age. It is different from Biblical characters who lived for hundreds of years.

  2. One comes to mind but I don’t remember who said it – life is a ball so dance every day. Actually you know that life could truly be enjoyed if only people didn’t have to keep worrying about money, payments, and how to keep living.


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