The Gate B&W For Color Crazy In 365 Photos Challenge #77

I continued my participation in the 365 Photos Challenge for the 77th day. The simple idea came to also combine it with #colorcrazy challenge which has started by Kim_Johnson. For that, I also include the black & white photos for the photos of the gate.

Under the gate roof, in black and white.

…and in full color

After several natural disasters that occurred in the area of Puncak – Bogor, West Java a few days ago, the route to the area is relatively quiet. A few hundred yards ahead of the intercity highway gates, my post intuition appears, I immediately took some pictures for the gate.

The idea of posting is that we have to pay to get through the gate. That means there are conditions that must be met in order to move from one path to another.

I am sure you have captured my point. We must make a transaction for everything in this transactional life. Likewise to move from the transactional world to the pure world where the peace of Oneness is located.

Okay friends, why not join in this fun challenge? If you are interested in it, here are the rules and guidelines to join.


What do you think?

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    • we have many toll roads here especially in Jakarta and other big cities. Generally, they are Managed by State-Owned Enterprises. If there is a private company that runs the toll road, they will turn it over to the state after a few years, surely after all their investments are back plus the profits of course. Unfortunately, some toll roads run by such private companies are generally in poor condition.

  1. Great post, and I tend to do what Elenka does, I will pay twice as much for gas going around a pay toll just because it’s the point of it all. We do pay enough in taxes and have enough resources in our country to not have to pay for individual roadways and bridges. I do understand where they help pay for the natural disasters and bridges in countries where there might not be enough funds to help rebuild or build bridges. Great photos, and article. Very thought provoking..

  2. The peace of oneness is the place I want to stay. it takes a lot of work to stay there, but I am not a quitter, so when life knocks me down i get back up.